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  • PVFRC Kindergarten Readiness

    Kindergarten Readiness with PVUSD REQUIREMENT: Register Children Ages 4 to 5 ENTERING KINDERGARTEN IN AUGUST AND NOT IN SCHOOL. PVUSD Teacher Michelle Lovette will be leading a Kindergarten Readiness class at the PVFRC. Our little learners will have circle, center, and story time with pre-writing, art, and math activities in a setting that will get them ready for their first day of school. This is a drop-off program to help children AND their adult friends feel prepared for the “first day” of Kindergarten in the Fall. Parents are required to stay for a presentation on Kindergarten readiness the first day of class. Registration is required and by registering you agree to attend all 8 classes. This series will meet for two weeks, Monday through Thursday, in July. The center is closed on Fridays during the summer.